1. The agency’s mandate and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information
    1. The Agency’s Mandate, Mission, Vision and Functions
    2. Positions, designation and contact information.
  2. Annual Report
    1. Statement of Allotment and Obligation and Balances (SAOB)
    2. Financial Accountability Report (FAR)
    3. Monthly Report of Disbursement
      1. Monthly / Annual Report of Disbursement
      2. Monthly / Annual Physical Plan
      3. Monthly/Annual Financial Performance Report
  3. OTC approved budget and Corresponding Target
  4. Program, Project and Activities, / Beneficiaries and Status Implementation
  5. Procurement Planning
  6. Report of Agency Rating and Ranking of Deliverable Units
    • Rating and Ranking of Deliverable Units
  7. Agency Operations Manual
    • Operations Manual
  8. Certificate of Compliance
    1. Pursuant to R.A. 9485 – An Act to Improve the Efficiency in the Delivery of Government Service Public to Reducing the Bureaucratic Red Tape Preventing Graft and Corruption and Providing Penalties thereof. (with the Agency improvement in the front-line services)
    2. Agency Citizen’s Charter
    3. Form A & Form A1 – Agency Performance Indicator Accomplishment
      • ISO – Aligned QMS Documentation
      • OTC-ISO Documentation
      • OTC-ISO Quality Manual
    4. Freedom of Information (FOI) Manual
    5. Report on Ageing of Cash Advances CY 2022
    6. SALN Submission/ Filling