1. Endorsement of Franchise & Other Transport Related Transactions
  • This involves OTC validating and recommending TSC applications/proposals to concerned governing partner agencies (e.g. DOTr, LTFRB, MARINA) related to franchise and other transport operations such as applications for certificate of public convenience (CPC), dropping and substitution of units, CPC extension of validity, franchise consolidation,  route opening/modification, change of motor/chassis, etc.

Prior to endorsing the said application/proposal transactions, OTC performs the pre-evaluation of TSC documents/other requisites and providing technical assistance to ensure that the same will be accommodated/processed by the concerned governing partner agencies.


  1. Financial Management Assistance (FMA) Services
  • This entails providing guidance/couching activities to TSCs for establishing appropriate books of accounts, accounting procedures and other financial related aspects/concerns. This engagement also include orienting concerned TSC officers/staff on related rules/regulations, identifying training/educational support and monitoring progress/compliance with the rendered proposals/advices.


  1. TSC Pre-Accreditation Services
  • This involves OTC engaging the TSC organizing proponents/applicants and providing them with technical assistance/guidance in the preparation of related documents, orientation on registration/accreditation requirements and identifying the needed supporting actions to be taken. This includes issuance of endorsements for the registration of the transport cooperatives to the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).


  1. Other TDA Services
  • OTC is engage in providing other types/methods of technical assistance for its accredited TSCs to address relevant issues/concerns/needs not limited to the following:


Business/Socio-Economic Project Evaluation, Assessment and Endorsement – involves pre-evaluation of project proposals, rendering guidance in the preparation of business plan, providing recommendations to improve project scheme and endorsing the propositions to appropriate government/non-government entities (if requested/required).


Research and Special Studies – entails the conduct of research activities and/or studies for TSCs in aid of policy formulation and/or project development.


TSC Counseling/Mentoring – involves accommodating and addressing other concerns, issues and matters referred to OTC for some technical advices and guidance.


Other TSC Engagement – this may include engaging, participating and/or initiating activities such as observation of the proceedings of the TSC General Assembly Meetings, consultation, dialogue, forum, focus group discussion, workshop sessions in aid of program/policy/advocacy promotion and development.